1. Street marketplaces
Vietnam is the heaven of men and women who love doing shopping.Vietnam market, specially "toad market", is the place in which you will have the most amazing experience of tradition and way of life of people here.You can get everything here, from delicious street food to dresses, belt and hand bags.Vietnamese street food is the most awesome street food I have ever had!Moreover, in street marketplaces, you could purchase things with much less expensive price thanks to bargaining. And undoubtedly it is actually a quite important technique to learn.
2. Sapa
Sapa, which is a mountainous area in the north of Vietnam, is one among the most lovely town that attracts a large number of voyagers arriving at Vietnam every year.The thing I like most in Sapa is the energetic blue of paddies and the peaks hidden in misty fog.This place is also covered with four-season blossoms blooming colorfully.The colorful flower dazzles my eyes with brightly together with cheerful colors.Travel to Sapa, you also have a good chance to have a lot more understanding regarding the local tradition of the ethonic minorities in this site.

3. Coffee
Being the second biggest coffee producer in the world, Vietnam is the heaven of coffee.The flavour of coffee in Vietnam is extremely strong and fragrant.Sweeten condense milk is normally blended with coffee to lighten the bitterness of this drink.Trung Nguyen is probably the most celebrated coffee company in VietnamIt's great to sit in the coffee shop of Vietnam, enjoying a hot cup of coffee while seeing the routine of citizens.
4. Halong bay
Halong can be understood as "descending dragon" in Vietnamese. Nice name, and fantastic destination as well.Being called a world heritage site, Halong bay is really as splendid as compliment on the internet.The appeal of Halong bay is irresistable and worthy taking a look at.Covered by rainforests in the top, high limestone islands is the greatest highlights in Halong bay.Limestone karsts and isles are shaped with numerous different sizes and forms.A free tip is to avoid public holiday and peak time when visiting here.
5. History
Vietnam is famed for its complexity and tragedy in its past.Nowadays, the impact of a long period being occupied by other nations can still be easily found at any place.If you think that the architecture of Vietnam resembles French style, or the traditional way of life in Vietnam is quite similar to Chinese's, then you are correct.I love pointing out the differences in tradition between Vietnam and other countries. Owing to the vibrant past, Vietnam is full of museums, monuments as well as historical sites.During my travel, I get chance to hear the elder talking about how they were able to stay alive in the fierce war, and it makes my trip valuable.
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