Mekong Delta Hotels. Have you planned your trip to the Mekong Delta and are looking for a place to stay that captures the area’s natural beauty but that won’t bust your budget at the same time? Since the Mekong Delta attracts many visitors, there is a wide variety of accommodations available. When you travel to Mekong, one of the things that make you nervous is what is the best hotel / homestay? Now BOMK will follow with you to find out where the service is good and what the price is. Depending on your budget and travel style you will appreciate that there are fancy resort hotels, simple hostels, and cozy homestays. To find out about some great hotels, hostels and homestays in the Delta’s top destinations and what to watch out for while you are booking, keep reading as we will outline exactly what you need to know in order to make your time in Vietnam’s breathtaking south unforgettable.

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