[replacer_a] are rated as very beautiful, scientific and sophisticated. From the outside, we will recognize the Sun Wah Pearl project. These are two 45 storey apartment towers overlooking the Saigon River and the Thu Thiem Peninsula. Next to it is an office tower in front of a complete resettlement court.

Going into the details of the SUNWAH Pearl Apartment we will see that:
  • The apartments are reasonably designed, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms make the most use of space.
  • Aesthetics is always a necessity of real estate projects and SunWah Pearl too.
  • Feng shui is considered very important by Asians and especially in Hong Kong.
  • The quality issue is also a top priority at Sunwah Pearl.
  • Clean and beautiful living environment.

The SUNWAH Pearl Apartment is a functional subdivision of the Sunwah Pearl project. This is a major project in the area of ​​Thu Thiem Bridge was approved by the City People’s Committee. According to the design, the project consists of two functional areas of commercial office services and apartment complex combining trade in services.